October 26, 2016


Beddison Garden Designs – Services

Beddison Garden Designs - ServicesBeddison Garden Designs services include:

  • on-site consultations
  • garden design coaching
  • site analysis
  • concept design
  • plant and material selection
  • CAD design documentation
  • contract administration
  • plant sourcing

Flexible packages are offered to suit you and your property.

Diane Beddison provides garden consultations, planting designs to refresh or enhance existing gardens, and a full garden design service for major changes or new landscapes.

Garden Consultation

  • on-site client consultation
  • site analysis
  • gardening advice and training

Following an initial consultation we usually provide a design proposal with client brief and quotation to develop plans.

However, you may prefer design consultations tailored to your specific needs. If you have a very small existing garden and don’t need a detailed plan you may qualify for a planting review. Site and client information gained during the consultation is used to produce a comprehensive report.

Planting Design

Planting designs includes the following:

  • initial on-site consultation
  • site analysis and measurement if no existing plan or survey is available
  • plant selection is tailored to suit your taste and micro-climate
  • planting plan with plant schedule (buying list) and client meeting to present plan

Full Garden Designer Service

A full garden designer service includes the following:

  • initial on-site consultation
  • site analysis of soil, sun, drainage, existing plants, architecture etc
  • property measurement – this will be simpler if an existing plan or survey is available
  • concept design and client meeting – we discuss the design and changes are made at this stage
  • plant selection is tailored to suit your taste and micro-climate
  • CAD documentation – Landscape Site plan with construction details and planting plan with plant schedule
  • client meeting to present plans


Yes, we also provide a plant sourcing service and organise delivery for your convenience. We charge a separate fee for this service and delivery is usually provided by the nursery.

Garden installation

Whilst we do not construct gardens, we provide a landscape contract administration service to keep your project on track. We also provide an option for just a few hours of assistance and advice.

5 ways to save money with quality landscape design documentation

  • keep costs down by considering your budget from the beginning
  • gain competitive quotes from landscapers using detailed plans
  • protect against costly mistakes that may arise from a less rigorous approach
  • implement a consistent design in stages
  • add considerable capital value to your home


you will enjoy a garden which lasts and flourishes well into the future.

Beddison Garden Designs is based in Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria. We provide landscape design services across Victoria. Contact us now!